ZARGE's vision is to create jewelery that stands out from the crowd and can complete any look. Jewelery that can withstand the test of time and that won't go out of fashion again after 6 months. Jewelery that gives an edge and helps you to create your unique, personal expression. Therefore, the jewelery is designed and produced to last for many years, and is therefore perfect for the quality-conscious and brave type who believes that every outfit is a statement.


Today, ZARGE is a well-established luxury brand with many happy customers, including he story behind ZARGE began in 2021 as a vision created by two entrepreneurs, Tobias Errboe and Benjamin Mann-Nakel. They both faced the challenge of finding exclusive men's accessories that combined style, quality and affordability. They also realized how difficult it was to find rings that fit perfectly, especially when standard sizes varied widely from fire to fire.

At the beginning of 2022, Benjamin and Tobias went their separate ways, and Tobias took full responsibility for ZARGE. However, Tobias had many other business commitments and decided to shut down the Zarge webshop on May 17, 2022. However, in early August 2022, Kamil and Cathrine ran into Tobias by chance at a gym in Amager, where they started a conversation about ZARGE. Tobias shared the story of the breakup with Benjamin and his decision to take over ZARGE, but he didn't want to do it half-heartedly given his many other commitments.

Kamil, a serial entrepreneur and long-time admirer of the Zarge brand, felt it would be a shame to let this unique brand disappear. Without further consideration, he decided to contact Tobias and see if he was willing to hand over the brand. He therefore asked Tobias if he wanted to sell it, and Tobias accepted. Kamil and Cathrine took the bold step to acquire ZARGE and continue to develop its vision. For them, it was obvious that ZARGE was far too exclusive and unique to fade into oblivion. Therefore they set out on a new and exciting journey of creating quality jewelery for fashion-conscious people with a sense of style.

The challenges that Tobias & Benjamin set out to solve,
Kamil and Cathrine continued on the journey they had started. When you shop at ZARGE, you can therefore always expect to:

  • All rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver and of top quality, so they never lose their shine or become discolored
  • All necklaces are made of the best quality 316L Stainless Steel, which ensures that you can use them every day without them losing their shine, becoming discolored or rusting
  • All rings are adjustable, so there are no problems finding the right size
  • Our designs are inspired by ancient symbols that give our timeless designs an edge

The ZARGE webshop was resurrected on 1 September 2022 and has since then functioned as a luxury webshop for jewelery enthusiasts. This year, Kamil and Cathrine took a bold step by establishing an exclusive showroom and shop at the prestigious address Store Kongensgade. ZARGE has now reached an even higher level of exclusivity and remains a permanent symbol of refined style and exquisite quality. Enter ZARGE's world of sophisticated elegance and luxury.


The jewelery from ZARGE is designed with the idea that everyone should be able to use it. The jewelry generally has a masculine look, but luckily that doesn't mean that all kinds of people can't go with it and use it to complete their look.

You will find that they are very much inspired by ancient symbols. They are used to tell a story with each piece of jewelry. In addition, the jewelery has Latin names that relate to the motif, but which should also give a feeling that it is something special that you put on your fingers or around your neck.

Our mission is to create jewelry that completes any outfit. So if you've gone all out on colors and prints, you might want to wear some minimalist jewelry - but if you're going for a sharp, basic style, it might be our more rustic and angular jewelry that will suit you best. In any case, it is 100% you who decides how you want to express yourself!


From day one, ZARGE has had a clear focus on not being part of the buy-and-throw-away culture. If we are to be part of the fashion industry, it must be in a way that we can vouch for.

That's why all ZARGE's jewelery is designed in Denmark, and all our manufacturers are checked to ensure orderly conditions. Our materials are of the highest quality, so they can last for many years.

We are currently working to find biodegradable packaging and we donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support the UN's sustainability goals. In addition, it is our dream to be able to manufacture the jewelery from recycled materials - and we are working hard to make that dream come true.