ZARGE will produce the best quality jewellery, with the highest standard in Denmark. To achieve this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all purchases of our jewellery.

If your product breaks, fades or breaks under normal use, the lifetime warranty entitles you to a one-time replacement of the piece free of charge - all you have to do is cover the shipping costs.

*We can only offer a replacement for the exact same piece of jewelry that is damaged, cannot be replaced with another piece of jewelry of the same or different value.

*Please note that our adjustable rings are not covered by the lifetime warranty

*Lifetime guarantee does not replace lost/stolen jewellery, deliberate breakage or small scratches from everyday use.

*The lifetime guarantee can only be used once per jewelry.

If you want to make use of the lifetime guarantee due to a defective piece of jewellery, or want further information. you can send an e-mail to kontakt@zarge.dk

If you have any questions, you can also contact our customer service on: 4290 4222.