At ZARGE, we value quality and design, which is why we would like to provide this guide, which can ensure that your jewelery always looks great. Precious metals require care. A piece of jewelery should last forever and that is why we want to ensure that your jewelery stays shiny and beautiful!

All our necklaces are made of the highest quality 316L Stainless Steel, which ensures that your necklace will never lose its shine, become discolored or rust. It can withstand a trip in the bath, the sea, the pool and even your creams or perfume - and still be just as beautiful!
They can be polished with advantage to remove greasy fingers or other dirt. Due to the necklaces' high quality of 316L Stainless Steel, the jewelery will be suitable for daily use, without major scratches.

All our rings are made of 925 Sterling Silver. This precious metal is a soft material and therefore cannot withstand hard blows. It is therefore important to take care of your rings to extend the durability of the jewelery and its shape. Since Sterling Silver is a softer material, this helps to make our rings adjustable, so they can be adapted to several of your fingers. However, it is not recommended to adjust them too violently, as they may end up cracking or becoming deformed. As rings can easily come into contact with various surfaces, this can cause scratches. However, scratches and minor deformities are not seen as a damaged or broken piece of jewelry, but simply as a sign of the ring's history and use.

How to clean your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry:

  • Add a few drops of washing-up liquid to warm water
  • Leave the jewelery in the mixture for 5-10 minutes
  • Use a soft brush, e.g. a toothbrush and brush gently
  • Wash the jewelery with warm water
  • Gently dry the jewelery with a jewelery cloth or a microfiber cloth.

We recommend you take off your 925 Sterling Silver rings before washing your hands or taking a shower. The same is recommended when applying creams, hair products or products such as colours. This can dull your jewelry so it needs to be polished. It is also recommended that you take your jewelery off when you sleep and that you store them in your ZARGE jewelery box or bag so that they do not scratch each other.

ZARGE produces timeless and elegant jewellery, and we recommend that you take care of all your jewelery - regardless of material. We take no responsibility for poor handling or inappropriate storage.